Recent testimonials received from clients:


"Firstly, I would like to thank you most sincerely for helping me to achieve an amicable and presumably ‘fair’ settlement. I have known you for two and a half years and you have never failed to impress me with your knowledge and common sense. You have an excellent combination of experience in family law, mediation, accounting and human relationships as well as a dry and, at times, sarcastic sense of humour. I had asked my lawyer in 2017 to recommend a skilled barrister and you fulfilled all my expectations, supporting me through a challenging and, at times, gruelling divorce settlement. So I am very grateful for your first class advocacy and empathy. You acted like a true professional and a friend, a rare combination of personal qualities that I respect and value."


“A huge thank you to yourself and Leanne, really appreciate the quality of work, effort, hours and personal touch provided by Surrey Chambers."

Brett (related to care of children, domestic violence and relationship property proceedings)

"Dear Amy.  First of all, thank you so much for your Professionalism and the way you have dealt with my separation. Both you and Stuart have been outstanding and I would be the first to recommend Surrey Chambers for all relevant Legal advice."    


"My children would not have this opportunity if you and Amy and Leanne had not been the honest, ethical and decent people you are. Neither would they have this opportunity if you had not been the litigator you are combined with carrying my legal work debt for the time that you did. I see many women who walk away with nothing because of incompetent lawyers or lawyers who simply tell them they have no rights to anything because ……..

At some point the children will understand just how lucky we have been to have such an awesome legal team in NZ. "


"I am extremely satisfied you took me on Stuart, and while my arms and legs are missing from the experience, I am assured I know who to refer others in my position to.

It may not mean much, but you have been an absolute godsend, and I sincerely thank you for your patience and due diligence."


"I have been lucky enough to work under you for nearly 2 years now. I know I am your client but aside from that, writing affidavits under you, memos, learning how to structure by issues, paras and points has been valuable practical experience that I believe I have been lucky enough to get from being your client.

The reason I think I am so lucky to have been under you [even as your client] is because you are a good litigator and you are able to put your knowledge and experience across in a way that I have been able to learn from. You also don't back down and I respect you for that. If that wasn't the case, I would be sitting at your office in tears, the way I was when I first came to your office."